Monday, March 2, 2015


When you found friends who are willing to go north pole to south pole back and forth then you have friends for keeps. Having friends is not based on how long you knew them (but of course it's a big factor!!) but it is the duration you stay being friends. I don't have lots of friends but what I have is enough for me.

Having friends it not about the quantity but the quality, I have friends that betrayed and used me before as I told you at one of my blogs (Son Won Dong ft Barney and friends) I used to be bullied. But that didn't stop me from finding my true friends.

So here I am now with my first few new friends in Accenture. How can I tell that these people are friends for keeps? Simple. They made me happy all the time. We share almost the same interest and they accepted me as a bipolar, snob, funny, smart, sexy, pretty and humble person. What's not to keep right?

If we share two thing in common it will be the love of food and sucker of freebies! In our almost 3 months of friendship we conquer Makati! (lol! OA mats) but seriously we eat a lot. It may not be as frequent as we like but it is enough for us to bond.

And now the two of them leaved us because they're roll off on the project but I hope know that we'll still be friends no matter what, we'll plan our next bonding and soon we'll share the laughter and stories we share. We may have misunderstandings, fights and we may hate each other once in a while but these factors will make us strong and whoever will be at the finish line with me for sure even if you're annoyed with my tactlessness or my witty comments or me being humble all the time, I will stick to you like a bubblegum in your shoe. Sticky and wet :P

See you soon friends! until our next bonding (this friday, I'll be baking and we'll laugh and eat!!!)
Meet my friends! We called ourselves The Guardian :) Sino ako diyan? Can you guess?

Comments are love.

Till next time, Ciao!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Birthday!!

Today the most amazing woman I've known celebrates her fifty sixth birthday. hooray!!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank her and tell her how much I love her.

Here we go.

I am blessed to have a mother like you mama. Thank you for always putting our happiness before yours. I don't know how you do it because I'm having a hands-on experience right now and believed me when I say that being a mother is not an easy job but I really don't know how you do it smoothly and perfectly.

I always made you cry and sorry for that. Being the most stubborn daughter you have, I know I am pain in the ass. I'm not proud that I gave and still giving you headaches once in a while always. I'm sorry for everything mama. How I wish I listened to you when I was a kid, but I didn't regret it because I have Keyn with me. I just regret that I've hurt you in the process.

I wish that when the right time comes, I'll make you proud. I really want to make you proud mama. and I hope that the time will come a year or two from now.

Thank you for the experiences you let us experienced. Places that you let us see. Love that you let us feel. Thank you for giving us the best of the best. Thank you for letting us enjoy this lifetime with you by our side.

When I die, I will asked God to let me have you again as my mother because you are so selfless and simply you are the best. We are so grateful to have you as our family because for you family always comes first.

Happy 56th birthday. Hope you'll enjoy this day!!!!!!!!!! We'll celebrate in on Sunday. Thank you mama!

Till next time, Ciao!

I love

Today I will tell you things that I love just to give you a little something of who I am. I hope you're fine with that (and even if you're not fine with me sharing these stuffs. I think you don't have a choice :P)

I love sweet smiles and warm hugs just like Olaf.
I love notes, sweet notes, friendly notes and love notes.
I love to read, I don't know when I started to like books but the first novel I read was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.
I love to write. (do I need to explain?)
I love kids (especially my kid :P)
I love fairy tales. I really do! Seriously my favorite story is Cinderella, who isn't right?
I love happily ever after and I do believe in FOREVER!
I love pillows. I wished for pillows on my debut and believe me when I say (or write) that my room is like a mini pillow store.
I love balloons.
I love spaghetti.
I love Adobo
I love sisig.
I love tumbong (my father's specialty)
I love Pancit with Dinuguan.
I love all kinds of food with gata except Laing.
I love kalabasa.
I love longgan.
I love lychee
I love kyat kyat
I love banana
I love pongkan
I love dark chocolate
I love to bake.
I love to play (old school type of games)
I love my friends
I love my family.
I love my siblings.
I love my parents.
I love my kenneth
I love my keyn

I'm a loving person who loves almost everything :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Miss You Everyday

I came from a very close family, I may not look like a papa's girl but I do. I am also a mama's girl, tita's girl tito's girl and a lola's girl. My favorite lola died two years ago and it was a big loss not just to me but to my mother and her siblings.

I remember that during the first two days of her wake, I didn't look at her inside the coffin and I didn't finish any mass the entire wake, I don't know but one thing is for sure, I want to leave the memory of my healthy and lovable Inang, not the lifeless Inang. plus I cried during the mass. it's like accepting the fact that my Inang will not coming back and I hate that fact. 

I miss my lola every single day. She was the one who took care of me when I was a baby and because of that we had a bond that no one had. I used to lie down with her in her bed. Kiss her cheek and tell her jokes about her white hairs. How I really want her to see Keyn grows. 

I miss her everyday. Sometimes I asked her if she can visit me in my dreams but I guess she's busy chitchatting with her friends and relatives. also, I know that she misses tatang (my lolo) so I'll forgive her for that. But I do hope that she will visit me, I want to know if she's doing okay and partying like an animal in heaven.

Last year as we celebrate her birthday, we visited her grave in Manila Memorial Park. It's the first time I visited her after the funeral. I always want to visit her, a day after the funeral or on her 40th but I always make an excuse. I don't know why but I may not be ready that time but time heals all wound indeed. We can laugh now. We can smile. Your babies are happy now lola knowing that you are fine.

The only thing that made me accept the death of my lola was that she's fine now, happier and healthier.

So Inang, I hope that there's an internet shop in heaven and someone taught you how to use a computer so you can read my post.

Inang, look at your babies. Yung mga inalagaan mo. Yung mga pinalaki at minahal mo. Surely we miss you everyday. but we know that you are with our Almighty God so there's no room for regrets and sadness.

I say it to you many times before and I'll say it to you again. I love you! I am so blessed to be your grandchild, You're the lola that everyone should wished for. I thank you everyday that you give me a loving mother, she's like you. Selfless and loving. I also thank you everyday for giving me the best titas and titos. Si mommy Linda na istrikto pero mahal kami. Si Tita Lee na hindi ko alam kung pano nagkasya ang sobrang laking puso sa liit niya. si Tita beck na laging game sa lahat. si Daddy na maloko pero mahal na mahal kami at si Tito Tony na naggaguide samin. Para ka ding hindi nawala kasi nakikita kita sa kanilang lahat. It's like you gave them a piece of you and thank you for that.

I love you Inang, the only regret that I have until today is that I didn't go home immediately when I received the news that you died. because of that I lost the chance to kiss you, na magmano, and to say goodbye. I hope you'll forgive me for that Inang. I miss you everyday. We'll see each other again and when that happens, I will kiss and hug you. We'll party and I will teach you to dance. Mahal na mahal kita inang. Till next time

Hey guys. Sorry for being too emotional. I really want to post this so please forgive me :) Meet my family!

Till next time, Ciao!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ang Tundo Man Ay May Langit Din

Living in Tondo since birth is not bad for me. I know the bad history of the place but it is my home. But recently bad guys are scaring us by killing people because of their selfish acts. I don't know the whole story but they say that groups of syndicates want to kill each other and several civilians were caught in between their war. Before I'm not bothered with what's happening. I read few posts on facebook and I think that it's not serious at all but last night, these bad guys were roaming around Tondo with their guns.

Some jokes about this incident that Asiong Salonga has part two already, at first I still can laugh about this but as times goes by and as it worsen I cannot laugh at all. What did our local government do? Nothing. As of now they have done nothing but silence. How can they ignore us? Few civilians were hurt already and people are afraid and Our very own Asiong Salonga is nowhere to be seen.

Please pray for us. They say that history repeats itself and I think it is now happening in Tondo, 

Lord please guide us.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey

I received a good news after I leave the office! We're not allowed to have cellphones and other kind of gadgets while working. Para akong nasa bahay ni kuya for 9 hours! So I can only browse my phone during lunch time and 6 pm (departure time) But it kinda refreshing. No phone, no FB, no Instagram and No life for 9 hours. LOL but seriously, I feel refreshed. It is not bad pala to not browse or post for 9 hours. hehe Hindi ko pala ikakamatay. XD

What's the good news? My friend, best friend and sister from another mother tagged me on her FB post. After so many months of waiting, it is now official!

Because of so many issues regarding the showing of Fifty Shades of Grey here in the Philippines, I didn't get my hopes up. I reasoned that I can always download it on torrent (buhay pirata! hahahha) but WT! I am happy if not overjoyed. Can't wait for Feb 11! This will surely be a hit!Thank goodness I am already 23 years old so I can watch it on cinema, but for those who's under 18. Fake IDs everyone? LOL!

Till next time, Ciao!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Paul Frank Be Mine

My first post for February! yey! one of my favorite months. Just want to greet advance Happy Valentine's day! Here goes my post.

Since my mother got me a Paul Frank panjama, I can't help myself but to adore this little monkey. I don't know but it's a love at first sight for me. So whenever I found a shirt or whatever with a Paul Frank designs I become crazy over it and I always have a "fangirl" face! 

Just like when I found this sleeveless blouse in 168, believe me it's Paul Frank!!!!! (I just can't zoom in it. Sorry.) Also, for those who's a Paul Frank addict (like me) I found a Paul Frank store at SM Aura, surely I will buy a thing or two from there though I will save a lot of money because it's pricey but for Paul Frank it will be worth it! What can you say? Comments are love!

Till next time, Ciao!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This is my 3rd blog post this night. Know why? Because I should update my blog and add 2 blog posts last week but unfortunately I didn't reached my quota so I punished myself by if-ever-didn't-reached-my-quota-I-will-make-it-x2 rule. It is just simple. my minimum quota for a week is 2 blog posts and if I didn't reach it, I will make it double or x2 and If I wanted to lessen my workloads I SHOULD complete posting at the end of the week.

I forgot to mention that one of my goals this 2015 is to learn how to follow schedule and handle time and this is my way of disciplining myself. Who wants to have tons of works to do right?

I super love these pictures because I can see some improvements on my posing skills. lol. I can now pose even if there are a lot of people around me. plus I can now pose without being conscious if I'm pretty or not. Can you detect those improvements I'm talking about? if yes then WOW if not, oh well, I should improve more.

I bought the blouse at SM San Lazaro Surplus and it became one of my favorites. Sometimes I wear it even if I knew that I used it a few days ago. Who cares? Care bears.

Like the short I was wearing here. I am wearing the short for some of my outfit post but who cares again? It's not disposable right?

So how's my look? Comments are love!

Till next time, Ciao!


The last time I posted something about my little macho was on August 23, 2014 the day after his birthday last year. It's not that I don't like to share my little macho to all of you but as you may know I already have a job and am a little busy so forgive me for this.

Now here is my chance to share to you guys what Keyn wore last Christmas 2014. You may all know that the fashion of my macho is a pair of sando and short right? I'm more on comfy than fashion but since it was Christmas. I made an exemption, plus hindi na siya masyadong pawisin ngayon. So seat back, relax and enjoy my macho's pictures.

PS. .I found the perfect hashtag for my macho! #Keynovela (kiyanovela). Follow my macho's adventures and fun acts.

Till next time, Ciao!

Crop top and Boracay

I promised to myself that this 2015 I will travel a lot and will make this year MY YEAR! (CapsLock para intense diba. lol!) I planned to enjoy this year better, not just I didn't enjoy 2014 believe me when I say that 2014 was a roller coaster ride to me. I will just make the most of 2015. So you'll see me here often (that's a warning. I guess. hahaha)

So before anything else, let me blog my first ever outfit post this 2015!

I wore this outfit when we went to Boracay last January 8, 2015. This was the first time I wear a crop top so being a virgin (sa crop top. lol) and afraid that I might exposed some of my stretchmarks I partnered it with a slight high waisted short I bought in 999 mall.

Wearing this kind of top (crop top) is not that easy. Since it was my first time to wear it, I got conscious easily because my stomach and back were exposed whenever I made a little turn or I sit, walk and stand. but nevertheless, I think t'was a nice experience and I think this would not be my first and last. So how do I look? Comments are love!

Crop top: Forever21 | Short: 999 mall | Sandals: Sanuk 999 mall | Bag: Kipling

Till next time, Ciao!