Monday, October 20, 2014

Black and white

Hi guys. 2 post in a row :) since I am not feeling well, I intend to post as many as possible, because I don't have anything to do. my little macho is being a good boy and watching beside me so I am okay for now :)

This is another #throwback post. Sorry guys. I'll make sure to post current photos and adventure. but since wala pa. please bear with this.

I wore it last June. Hope you like it because I love it :) hihihi

you'll never go wrong with black and white right?

How do I look? Comments are love :)

Sweet Ami: Last Two Minutes

Hi guys! This is my first time to make a blogpost about my baby Sweet Ami. We're 4 friends (now 3) making and baking sweets for those who have sweet tooth :) making their special event memorable and making their dreams into a reality.

Most of our clients ask who's Ami since the name of our online shop is Sweet Ami. Here's a little trivia. Ami is a french word of Friend since we're group of friends sharing our dreams, Sweet Ami meaning Sweet Friend or Sweet Friends rather. Group of friends making sweet treats. :)

So here I am blogging about our first ever client! This was last July 18, 2014. We stayed all night just to make a good cake and a good design. since this is our first time to make a fondant cake. it's a little bit of a challenge for us.

Order: 1 basketball fondant cake and 25 pcs cakepops.
Duration: 10 hours

I know I know, it took us 10 hours and we only accomplished this? well, for a first timer we're a bit proud of ourselves :) we figured everything on the spot. like the type of cake, flavor, design, and how to use the fondant because believe me when I say that it's not an easy task.

But all is well :) we did it! we made it :) and the client's like it and became one of our regular customer :)

How's our first time? Comments are love :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fontana 2014

I'm missing the travel and the out of town trips so here I am posting :)

Last April 2014 we went to Fontana to have a good time :) and GAAAWD I had fun :)

Sorry again because obviously this is a throwback post. 

Aside from the aircon and the slightly dirty water in the pool and a pricey internet connection (500 php for a day amd 1 mpbs speed), I am good :) 

I wish I have a home like this and a backyard to die for :) what do you think? comments are love :)

SumoSam Lucky Chinatown

After one month I can finally add a blog post for you guys but please forgive me this is another throwback post. 

Since this is a throwback post, forgive me again because I can't detail you anymore the taste of these food. So what's the point of this blog post? I really don't know but I'll appreciate if you read my post still. 

My brother graves for tempura so we settle for sumosam located at Lucky Chinatown.

I really like the crisp on these tempuras. though my brother ate most of them, I am lucky to get one :)

And this one (above) salmon belly! I still remember the taste of it, and I can say that I really like it. and will definitely try once we eat again at sumo-san. This is very juicy and taste. plus sweet, salty and spicy at the same time.

Noodles for my macho :)