Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The 8th Annual Star Magic Ball

I am just a girl who likes to dress up. I think the last time I wore a gown was on my debut and that was like 5 years ago. So I just want to share to you my dream. :) I want to wear again a gown and to attend the star magic ball. Dreams do come true right? So yeah! I wish I can attend the star magic ball kahit isang beses lang. hihi. I want to feel the glamour and the red carpet. Feeling ko hahalikan ko yung red carpet nila. hahahhaha! and since na hindi pa natutupad yun here's my pick for the BEST and of course WORST blah blah of the night :)

Let's start with the Couple's of the Night :)

Actually my original pick was KathNiel. I'm not a fan but seriously kinikilig ako sa kanila, but as I browsed the pictures of +Star Magic photos. and I just didn't pick one couple's of the night but two :)

My first pick is the Poons. hehehe. Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon. A Classic Lady + A Gwapong Balladeer = sweet couple. seriously, what's not to love right?

 Second! Sharlene and Nash. I'm not a fan really but the innocent smile wanna makes me grow old with them. hahahhaha! May kilig kasi na hindi mo maintindihan.

Best Dress

My pick for best dress (man division) is John Lloyd Cruz! Gawd! Angelica must be really proud. Even if he looks like a fool in this picture I still find it sexy and hot. Yah! did you heard about eyegasm? Goodness,he is a living example of a Greek God. hahahha!

Best Dress (Woman Division)

I might not like Kim Chiu but hands down for this girl, I really like her dress! Her make up, her dress, her hair, her earrings. Gawd! it's perfect. I hope she can save it for me :) hihi

And here's my pick for Worst Dress.

I don't know what happen to Bea Alonzo here. I really like the dress but the make up and the hair? I think it's all wrong. the make up didn't highlight her features. She looks like a witch or something. but I really like the dress. such a waste here. Sorry fans. :(

second. Angelica Panganiban. I liked her dresses on previous star magic balls. I think the make up and the dress were wrong for her. I like the hair and the necklace though.

So here are my picks for the 8th annual star magic ball. What do you think? Comments are love.

Ice Lover

For all who don't know me, I am addicted to ice. I can eat ice whole day. 24/7. Before I was addicted to Max candy I can easily finished 20 candies or more in a day or less, but since I always cut my tongue due to the sharpness of the candy (yes I chew it :) ) so I substitute it with ice and I think I can't live without it. hahahha! At first, it's an upsize sarsi full of ice from Jollibee, then it became 22 oz gulp from 7eleven, then next thing I knew I can eat ice with 2 servings of 32 oz big gulp in 7eleven (one in the morning and next in the afternoon) See how addicted I am? I can't help myself till now. Minsan inaalarm ko pa yung phone ko para gumising ng maaga if meron akong lakad in the morning due to sweet ami but I failed that part. hehe. I think I am in love more with sleeping than with ice.

So enough with my long long loooooooong introduction about this post. It's as usual a #throwback post.

We ate lunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe in SM MOA. you should try this cafe. why? because most of the food are delicious! especially their desserts (servings: more than 3 persons!) they are generous with the desserts! see it's so redundant, desserts! hahahhahahha. I love their desserts! Actually one of my favorite desserts came from them. (scroll down to see :) )

I am in love with this tofu at first but as I tried it for the 3rd time and got a few feedback from my Kenneth :) I'm not sure if I still love it like before but one thing is for sure. I'll order it again. for the 4th time :)

Their steak! I don't like it. hahhahhaha!

Bamboo Rice: I don't like it either :)

And this?! this is worth ordering for :) though I am not sure what dish is this. hihi

AND THIS ONE! THIS IS IT! for only 120 php you can share it with 5 of your friends!
Sweetness of the mango + coldness of the ice = HEAVEN!

After our heavenly lunch we skates :) see I really love the ice :)

So what do you think about me being addicted to ice? comments are love :)