Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I miss these guys! my brothers and sister (hahahhaha) at heart. They are the exact example ng hindi mahalaga ang haba ng pinagsamahan. They may be not the nicest persons on earth but I really love them to bits. I miss being the bitch. hahahaha! I miss being the mommy of these guys! Since I am a year older (except to bern he's the eldest. picture below) I miss yelling at them and I miss the sound of their voice hahahhaha! enough of this cheesiness. I just want to say that I miss you guys!. I hope we'll see each other soon :) wait for my birthday treat. Zarks?

Treasure your friends! Comments are love :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Little Macho

Since my little macho turned 3 yesterday. I would like to post something for him today. Hope he likes it if ever he'll read it someday and hopefully he won't hate mama for doing this. hahaha!

Dear My Little Macho,

I hope you will not hate mama for this when you get old and taller and handsomer. I am the happiest person on earth when you came into my life. You were not plan I know, but it doesn't mean that I won't love you. You mean so much to me Keyn. I will do everything for you and for your happiness. Since the day you were born, I said to myself that this is not about me me anymore, no more selfish thoughts and decisions. It's not about me, it is about you now on how you'll grow, how you'll learn. Are you going to be a rebel just like mom? or are you going to be a goody-good boy?

 I hope I can keep you in my pocket and never show the real world. the world that full of lies and greed. But I will also prevent you from the world full of love and happiness.

I'll always be here for you my little macho. when you cry I will always here to hug you, when you have problems I'm always here to listen. I will comfort you when you are down. I will help you write love letters when you're in love. I will support you on every decision you'll make. I will let you experience what I've experienced and learned in life and will not limit you to explore the world. 

I'm happy to be your mama. I'm happy to be your first girlfriend, your first love, first kiss. your first in almost everything. I promise you my little macho that I will always be here for you. I love you to the moon and back. and Thank you for teaching me to love unconditionally. Thank you for being my stress-reliever and my companion. Thank you because I am not alone. Thank you Macho because being your mother is my greatest achievement.

I love you,

Gray and Pink

Because it's my birthday month :) let me post this throwback outfit with my throwback hair :) Ohhhh! I miss Taguig!

I have a confession to make. I'm not good in making myself ugly (yet beautiful) I always want my picture to look good. and I'm always on my comfort zone pose. And I really want to change that so badly. You know seeing Ms. Kryz Uy posing effortlessly, making fun of herself but still managed to look good. also Sophie Ramos, Camille Co and even my sister. They managed to look good in front of the camera. I tried different poses. but I don't think I got what I'm looking for. so is there any suggestions? And by the way I'm trying to attain the ugly-yet-beautiful poses. so watch out okay?

Anyways, back to my outfit. so How do I look? Comments are love :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sweet Ami

After almost 3 years of working in an IT industry a new door was open for me last July! and this is to open up a cake online shop with my 3 close friends! and now! for being a programmer now a baker! chos! #feelingbaker! much better. hhahaha. 

Please like us on facebook: www.facebook.com/sweetamiph
follow us on instagram and twitter: @sweetami_ph

we offer cakepops, cakes, cupcakes and the likes so please order from us! okay :) hope to bake for you soon!

New Hair New Life

Since I've decided to go on a different path. I decided to cut my hair short. and Gawd! I really noticed that my hair's improving! hahhaha! I also cut my hair short 3 years ago and I looked like I didn't comb my hair for decades. hahahaha!

I'm loving my hair and owning it! So how do I look? comments are love :))))