Monday, June 23, 2014

Under 500: Dress and Stockings

Hi gals! another outfit post!!! My last outfit post was posted last DECEMBER 2013! Can you believe that 6 months interval!? So here's my #ootd for you guys!

I also wore this outfit on my mom's birthday celebration. I decided to wear it again for blog posting purposes plus I really love this outfit. hihi

My Princess (Kdrama) inspired look! I was addicted to my princess when I decided to try wear something she (Kim Tae-Hee) wore in one of the episodes but with touch of my style. Most of the k dramas I watched, they partner stockings with high heels though I prefer flats at this moment for the reason that I do not want to hurt my foot. hehehe.

So here are my pictures. enjoy!

Dress = 99
Stockings = 150
shoes (Solemate) = 200

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