Monday, June 30, 2014

A Taste of Zamboanga in the Heart of Malate

Since this is the last day of June, I will give you a taste of zamboanga :) Since we're eating again here to celebrate my niece 2nd bday :)

This was the second time we come to Zamboanga's Restaurant at Malate. Our first dine here was April last year when we celebrate Lynsey's College Graduation and after a year and so, we returned once again!

They have really good service and great food! When you visit try to order their kare-kare. They have pork and seafoods kare-kare and they're delish! Not that I will trade their kare to my mom's and pop's kare kare but they are the best (so far, i think) if I'm not comparing it to my parent's dish. hahahha!

Just don't try the adobong kangkong coz you might regret it. yeah believe me because I did!

while we ate they have this little show and they are entertaining sometimes. hehehhe. Just look for yourself and rate it. Zamboanga's Restaurant will never disappoint you :)

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