Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My cousin's wedding preparations

Hi gals! sorry for being MIA. I have been very very busy with the preps and the toxic situation at the office. You know that I have a full time job right? Moving on. Sorry for this short post. I am just sneaking up to post for you gals.

Here's the update for my cousin's wedding

I AM NOW THE MAID OF HONOR! yes! you read it right. me. their planner, assistant, coordinator, cousin and now! the maid of honor! I feel honored. hahahhaha! but the pressure is really on. because how can I walk down the aisle, pose. observe the prep at the reception WHILE I am at the church. coordinating with the supplier WHILE fitting my gown. HOOOOOW on the earth am I able to do that?

BUT i am a little bit excited. hahahhaha! ang gulo ko :)

will keep you updated. till next time


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