Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My cousin's wedding preparations

Hi gals! sorry for being MIA. I have been very very busy with the preps and the toxic situation at the office. You know that I have a full time job right? Moving on. Sorry for this short post. I am just sneaking up to post for you gals.

Here's the update for my cousin's wedding

I AM NOW THE MAID OF HONOR! yes! you read it right. me. their planner, assistant, coordinator, cousin and now! the maid of honor! I feel honored. hahahhaha! but the pressure is really on. because how can I walk down the aisle, pose. observe the prep at the reception WHILE I am at the church. coordinating with the supplier WHILE fitting my gown. HOOOOOW on the earth am I able to do that?

BUT i am a little bit excited. hahahhaha! ang gulo ko :)

will keep you updated. till next time


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Royal View Seafood Restaurant MOA


Service: ☆ (7 out of 10)
Food:      ☆ (7 out of 10)

Cheers to my mother for being a metrodeal, ensogo and cashcashpinoy suki :) She is the reason why I have food blog post outside BGC taguig. hahahha! Every time she told us that we're going to eat at a restaurant she always says "Baka kasi wala ka na malagay sa blog mo!" hahhaha! thanks mama, you're the best! kahit alam ko yung mga statement mo na ganyan nangiinis lang. and since I started blogging, binibigyan mo na ako ng damit, and you always bring me to the 99 store near your office:) hehehe. I love you very much! tama na at baka maiyak pa ako :)

so enough of me being corny. here's a food blog post for you guys! enjoy the food. hehehe. I think  metrodeal, ensogo or cashcashpinoy have deals pa for royal view seafood. and it's worth a try. Their foods are delicious. yuuuuuummmm. I love all of the foods except the chicken because it is not well done, I don't like foods with blood because I think it is not healthy to eat.

 Forgive me for not posting the name of the foods because I forgot all of it. hehehe :) though some of the dishes are easy to identify like the food below. it is wanton "something" if I am not mistaken. So what do you think? comments are love :)

This is my and my macho's favorite of all the dishes! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas and Yellow

Before we proceed to my post. I have something to share to you guys! As I search for suppliers for the wedding, I found this article Happy after 'Ever After'. I don't know guys but this gives me a creep in a very good way. The article was written by Wawel Mercado a loving father and husband for his wife for their 14 year wedding anniversary. I recommend this to all of my readers if meron nga. ahhahaha! you'll be inspired by their story. I wish for them to be happy in heaven when there's no suffering and pain. I know that they are happy now with each other, holding one another while watching their daughter. Hope you'll be inspired too. I was teary eyed after I read it. I wish I had the chance to meet this wonderful family.

And now, here's my outfit post. Since I am going to be busy for the next weeks or days or months. magpopost na ako hanggang sa kaya ng schedule ko :) hahahhaha!

I wore this dress on my last day of work last year! December 21, 2014. yeah! I am on Christmas break for almost 2 weeks! I wore this at my previous job's Christmas party. So how's my look? Comments are love!

we had a visitor !!!!!!

Here's my favorite shot of all the pictures. Ain't I look adorable? hahahhahaha! nagtaas na naman ako ng sarili kong bangko.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Under 500: Printed

Before anything else! I want to greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know I've been MIA this past holidays. Sorry about that. I have important announcements (wow! announcements!hahahaha)

First. I will be blogging/posting my holidays before posting for new ones, so sorry for the backlogs guys!

Second. I'm going to be busy for the following months because I am re-launching my Beads at war shop. and planning a wedding!

YES! you read it right. I am planning a wedding. MY COUSIN'S WEDDING hahahahha! for 4 months! watta challenge right? 4 MONTHS!  so I am going to be very very busy since I am going to design the outfit of the whole entourage. hahahhaha! plus being a wedding planner, I will also design their invitations. actually lahat na ata. kulang na lang ako ang bride. hahhaha! pati pagiging photographer gusto ng pinsan ko ako. now, did you get the picture on how busy I will be?  but I'll be blogging once or twice a week to keep you updated.

But before that. here's my first outfit post this 2014! yey! also this is my first time to wear a maxi dress. so many first time! I kept the brown palette to keep it safe since I have no idea on how to a balance and accessorized a maxi dress. So how's my look? comments are love :)

PS. would you believe that my heels cost 150 php only? hahahhaha!

PPS. MY maxi dress worth 230 php. and 50 php for my belt.

SO PASOK PALA SA under 500 :) hahahha. see you later guys!