Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Conti's Serendra Taguig

Service: ☆ (3 out of 10)
Food:    ☆ (5 out of 10) for Chocolate Mousse

This is not my first time to eat at Conti's but this is the worst service so far. we waited for 30 minutes for 2 cakes, one salad and spaghetti, We actually ask for my Bottomless Lemonade and water because these are MIA when our foods were served.

I like my Chocolate mousse to be cold though I received a room temperature cake and I don't know the reason since I know they always keep their cakes refrigerated. I like their Mango Bravo, I wish I ordered that instead.

Plus! I didn't enjoy my food since we have hurry because we only have 1 hour. and I only got one refill of my lemonade since they serve it late huhuhu. 

I guess I won't be back. :(

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