Thursday, October 17, 2013

S&R Southern Style Fried Chicken

Here's another food post for you gals! S&R southern style fried chicken. Since S&R is just a block away in our office, we (my officemates and I) go there often. usually to buy pizza since their pizza is a must-try, my favorite flavor is the combo, (the combo is a special overload in Greenwich) you can have it for 99/slice, you may say that it's a little pricey for a slice but wait until you see it :) also they have bottomless drinks for 45 pesos only :). but this time, I would like to try their southern style fried chicken.

For 140+ this is a big servings so you can share this to your friends or family they also have 6 pcs of chicken for 300+. 

You can smell the aroma of the chicken as soon as they handed it to you! for the taste. yes, it's delicious, juicy and the skin is crispy. also, it's flavorful. though if you are going to make me choose between jollibee's chickenjoy or this one. I prefer the Jollibee's chickenjoy. why? because of the gravy and the taste of the chicken. yes both the skins are crispy but there's a comforting feeling when I eat jollibee's chickenjoy, like it feels like home. corny right? Can you relate? hahaha. I am being weird again? I will stop now :)

I am just being honest here. hehehe. but we're different right? maybe you will find it better than any other chicken maybe not. All I want to say is if you want for a change and eat something other than pizza when you visit S&R this might suit you. :)

When you visit S&R and try their foods, please let me know. :)

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