Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Perfect Combination

Hi gals! Here I am again and here's another outfit post before magUndas. What do you think about my dress? The combination of yellow and black looks good together right? Actually this is one of my favorite combinations. 

This outfit is so versatile. It be casual, semi-formal (or formal), corporate. just style it, pair it with nice shoes or sandals, wear accessories and you are good to go.

Here, I tried to make it casual by wearing flats/dolls shoes and minimal accessories.

Shoes from Solemate

Necklace from Bohol

Dress: Borrowed from my sister

These shots :top and bottom are my favorites of all the shots we've taken. You do know why right?Because of the effects and my expression. hehehe :)

So good luck on celebrating Undas and mas maganda ng tayo ang bumisita sa mga patay kaysa sila ang bumisita sa atin right? After the all saint's day and all soul's day, please let me know what happened okay?

Ciao! :D

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