Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flower from neck to toe

Hi gals! another outfit post. Because my sister borrowed my make up, I end up using my officemate's sun glasses for cover up. hahaha! Applied my favorite lipstick and I am ready to go.

I usually pick my clothes first before accessorizing but this time it's different, I already imagined this necklace on my neck before I could decide what I am going to wear. Lucky enough, I had this pretty flowery dress from my mama and a nice pair of flowery solemate flat shoes. and Tadaaa! here's my look, Flower from neck to toe.

I became so girl in this outfit right? so how's my look? please let me know :D

What I am wearing : 

daisy necklce and bracelet - @beadsatwar
dress - gift from mama
belt - divisoria
shoes - solemate

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