Thursday, October 31, 2013

Make it Personal

Here's another collection of beads at war for the holiday season :) 

Make your love ones close to your ♥ :)

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Perfect Combination

Hi gals! Here I am again and here's another outfit post before magUndas. What do you think about my dress? The combination of yellow and black looks good together right? Actually this is one of my favorite combinations. 

This outfit is so versatile. It be casual, semi-formal (or formal), corporate. just style it, pair it with nice shoes or sandals, wear accessories and you are good to go.

Here, I tried to make it casual by wearing flats/dolls shoes and minimal accessories.

Shoes from Solemate

Necklace from Bohol

Dress: Borrowed from my sister

These shots :top and bottom are my favorites of all the shots we've taken. You do know why right?Because of the effects and my expression. hehehe :)

So good luck on celebrating Undas and mas maganda ng tayo ang bumisita sa mga patay kaysa sila ang bumisita sa atin right? After the all saint's day and all soul's day, please let me know what happened okay?

Ciao! :D

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Zark's Attack

Here's another food post from your #feelingfoodblogger hehehe :) We celebrated our friend's/officemate's birthday Kylle at Zark's Burgers :)  Of course most of you knew it right? so for those who doesn't here's a little something something for you guys :)

This place is jump-packed with people! and we're number 4 on the waiting list. But the wait is all worth it. ALMOST worth it. why? There's one food that all four of us didn't like. What's that? Keep reading :)

kevin-brandon-the birthday boy kylle and bern :)

and meet my photographer :) he's my secret weapon. hahahaha :) Thanks to him I have lots of pictures to post here for you guys!

They have the best fries dip ever. The fries are ordinary homemade fries but the dip! I must say is a total winner. Believe me when I say that it really is delicious because I myself is not a fun of dipping sauce. This is my first ever dipping sauce (Aside from ketchup and mayo combined together) that I actually fell in love with. LOL :)

I didn't try this because I am not into nachos and can you see the cheese? Yuck! hahaha. sorry I am not a cheese lover :) but my friends told me that this is also a must-have :)

we got excited and order lots of starters right? Hindi kasi namin alam na may fries na yung burger na inorder namin. so much for the excitement right?

All four of them order Jackhammer.

And here, lovies is my order black mamba. It should have cheese and mushroom though as I mention before I don't eat cheese and mushroom. 

Four thumbs up for this! 150 php only (with fries and drinks) and I'm super busog na. though I don't recommend to eat the patties alone because the barbeque rum sauce is a little bit strong so you should always eat with the bread. plus the texture is not that smooth.

This! guys and gals is the sad part. This wings 'n chips is not as good as it looks. They should remove this in their menu. Why? the taste is really disgusting. I can't really describe the taste aside from disgusting and really spicy. The spice took over the entire chicken and you cannot taste the chicken at all. YOU SHOULD NOT ORDER THIS! PERIOD! 

All in all, Zark's a great place and I would return and eat again. I just have to keep away with the Wings 'N Chips :)

A little something somehing again-They are open for franchising :)


Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hi gals! here's another outfit post. I don't know why but I am not into skater skirt when they were first introduced. but here I am wearing this black and white detailed skater skirt and boy look how good it is.

I paired it with my 3/4 sleeve white (I don't know what to call this top, can you tell me? just comment here. please help me!) top. My sister help me on the tops that will look good on skater skirt and as I searching for a right top in my closet. Boom! this top popped. Like a magic, telling me "Wear me with that skater skirt and promise it will look amazing!" and I just did. lol! so How's my look?

This is my family. They are so important to me I kept our picture close to my heart How? just purchase at BeadsatWar. Their chain can be until the chest area, (get it? until the chest area?) Immortalized your picture. They say that the photos are the hard copy of memories right? so what are you waiting for? keep your love ones close to your heart like what I did.

bracelet also from beadsatwar

Thursday, October 17, 2013

S&R Southern Style Fried Chicken

Here's another food post for you gals! S&R southern style fried chicken. Since S&R is just a block away in our office, we (my officemates and I) go there often. usually to buy pizza since their pizza is a must-try, my favorite flavor is the combo, (the combo is a special overload in Greenwich) you can have it for 99/slice, you may say that it's a little pricey for a slice but wait until you see it :) also they have bottomless drinks for 45 pesos only :). but this time, I would like to try their southern style fried chicken.

For 140+ this is a big servings so you can share this to your friends or family they also have 6 pcs of chicken for 300+. 

You can smell the aroma of the chicken as soon as they handed it to you! for the taste. yes, it's delicious, juicy and the skin is crispy. also, it's flavorful. though if you are going to make me choose between jollibee's chickenjoy or this one. I prefer the Jollibee's chickenjoy. why? because of the gravy and the taste of the chicken. yes both the skins are crispy but there's a comforting feeling when I eat jollibee's chickenjoy, like it feels like home. corny right? Can you relate? hahaha. I am being weird again? I will stop now :)

I am just being honest here. hehehe. but we're different right? maybe you will find it better than any other chicken maybe not. All I want to say is if you want for a change and eat something other than pizza when you visit S&R this might suit you. :)

When you visit S&R and try their foods, please let me know. :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blue Polka Dots

hi gals! New outfit post. yeah I know, sorry for the uncreative title. I don't know what should be the title of my post today aside to the Blue Polka Dots. but I know you are more creative than me, so If you are going to title my post, what should it be? please let me know :)

back to my post, don't you love this dress? this is my second time to wear this dress and I am telling you this really brought something into my ordinary day.

Can you relate? I mean, whenever you're in a bad mood or your day doesn't go the way you planned it or something unexpected happen and of course you are going to burst then suddenly you look to your clothes and all you can ever think is mabuti na lang ikaw yung sinuot ko hahahaha! lol. but seriously, I am really glad that I wore this dress because my day might be ruined. hehehe.

so how's my look? please let me know.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Macho's Fashion : His usual

Hi gals! I hope you enjoy this first ever outfit post of my son :) please forgive the poor photo quality since he is very eager to see his pictures I forgot to focus the camera.

This is his usual, sleeveless shirt, short and rubber shoes. Pawisin kasi si Keyn so we always make sure that what he wears is comfortable enough. Though he has lots of T-shirts we seldom use it, maybe this Christmas season we can let him wear T-shirts since it is colder than usual :)

So what do you think about Keyn? Please let us know :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Panciteria Lido

Hi gals, I want to share my Sunday lunch date with these guys! Thanks to my mama for the panciteria Lido voucher. :) The Panciteria Lido is located at UN near Casa Bocobo. Famous with their Pugon Roasted Asado.

 my boyfriend's other half and his girlfriend -William and Regine

While waiting for our foods, picture picture muna :)


My little macho's starving so he eats while we took this picture. He's all time favorite. pancit. hehe.

Here's what we ordered, Manchurian Wings, Buttered Chicken, Yangchow Rice, Beef Brisket Wanton Soup, their signature dish Pugon-Roasted Asado, Drunken Lechon and Pancit Canton. for drinks Calamansi Juice and Four Seasons Shake

The Foods are all delicious. Specially the Manchurian Wings I would definitely recommend that :) I expected the Asado to be different since my mother told me that their asado is delicious though I can't find something to say other than tasty. I don't know but I don't think it's quite interesting as the Manchurian Wings. 

The price is a little bit pricey for the amount of servings. The Pancit canton and the machurian wings have the most amount of servings. The most shocking yes! shocking is the servings for the yangchow rice. they said that its for 8-10 persons though it looks like for 2- 3 persons only. 

The four seasons is delicious let me tell you that my macho really like it. though the watermelon overpowered the other fruits. I didn't taste the lechon and wanton soup though my dates told me it's delicious.

Overall, I would say ★★★ out of 5. I'll surely eat here again though will order more rice if we're more than 3, order the Manchurian Wings and will try other foods that they offer.


Did you eat at this place already? or gonna try? please let me know. :)

And before I forgot. They have nice crew/service :) and their manager (Beth) let us used the 2 voucher instead of one. (1 voucher = 4 persons) They are friendly and accommodating.