Saturday, September 21, 2013

Something New

Hi gals! another outfit post. :) According to candy mag that my sister bought. if you are going to post an #ootd you have something new to show. like new accessories, blouse, pants or shoes. basta new! hahaha. so can you guess what's new?

Well, I guess you figured it out already but for those who doesn't have a clue. the "Something new" is my SHOES. hahahaha. though there's nothing special :)

I didn't imagine that my top is the same style as my shoes. I mean the pattern. hehehe. can you see it?


I want to show you my famous sitting position. hahahaha! it's the same as the sitting position of those anime or manga right?

So how do I look? please let me know.

What I am wearing:

Blouse - Divi/168
Pants -Divi/168
Doll shoes - solemate


  1. buti may tagapicture ka sid! :p


    1. hahaha. kaya nga e. yung kaofficemate ko kasi photographer :)