Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gray and Gray and a little bit of Blue

Hi gals! new outfit post. we usually take my #ootd pictorial (wooooow!) every afternoon, but this time,since we're going to chatime for refreshing teas, we shot this pics on our way to the store. forgive the poor lightning effect.

actually I want to pair it with a leggings because it may a little bit too short for me, though my shoes and leggings didn't match at all, so I choose the shoes to stay. right choice dabah?!

before, I am not a type who's pairing a dress with a rubber shoes or chucks or canvass shoes since I think it's off since dress is for a girly girl outfit and the chucks, rubber or canvass shoes is for shorts and pants only. But since I am into fashion now (soooosyal! hehehe.) and I am now glancing on girls that have nice outfits, one girl caught my eyes when I was going home, and she's wearing a dress with chucks, so I thought that if it's look good on her it might be look good on me too. so what do you think? should I abolish my before-thought about dress and chucks or should I stick to it? please let me know :)

shoes from solemate
dress from Malaysia
bolero from mama's closet

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