Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Barney's After Party

When I'm wearing this dress, all I can think is Barney. Maybe because of the color of the dress. I remember a scene on No Other Woman when Anne (Curtis) and Kristine (Reyes) was in the mall and wearing the same color though different kind of outfit Kitkat says "may paparty ba si barney ng hindi ko alam?". So every time I wear this, I remembered that scene and think of barney ang baklang dinosaur. :)

I'm inlove with this shot I made it my lock screen wallpaper. maybe because of the wind. hehehe :) my photographer is so talented that even I looked haggard or something, he always made my pictures appealing and great, hahaha :)

So how do I look? Please let me know :)

What I'm wearing

Dress from Apartment 8 Clothing
Shoes from Solemate
Watch and necklace from Unisilver
Name wired and love bracelet from HauteGirlCouture
Gabbia Bracelet from Beadsatwar

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