Saturday, August 31, 2013

Boyfriend Requirements


We (girls like me) do have requirements or standards for a certain guy especially for an ideal boyfriend. sino ba namang walang ideal or dream guy right? so here is my list:

Who doesn’t love the hottest and most lovable vampire in the fictional world? Even I fantasized him to be mine. But I am not pertaining to the character of the movie. I am pertaining to the book which really captures my heart (and soul) I remember that I called every person I know who read the book just to spoil me on what will happen on a certain scenario. why? because, that time. I am palpitating, nervous and excited at the same time that I wanted to know what to expect. and yeah, it doesn’t matter for me if I know the flow of the story before I read it and of course you can spoil me and tell me about the whole story. It doesn’t matter to me at all.
I admired, loved, had a crush, on Edward Cullen. The Blood sucking, mind reader and hottest vampire. I got so kilig that time. :) but like any other dreams. I moved on. hahahaha. but wait until I read the book again. malay mo naman diba we can never tell :)



I really am not in a mood to dress up so I got my over used twilight blouse partnered with jeans and solemate strapped sandals and I am ready to go.

What I'm wearing:
  • Twilight blouse (350 pesos)
  • jeans (295 pesos)
  • solemate strapped sandals (299.75)
so how do I look?

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hayan BB cream and face silky powder Review

I'm addicted on sales (who doesn't right?) so I always browse on Ensogo, Cashcashpinoy and Metrodeal for their latest discounts and promos. As I browsed the website of Ensogo, I saw the promo/discount for Hayan BB cream for only 229 (original price 390)  and silky face powder for 179 (original price 290) I got really big savings right? plus the ensogo main office is just a walking distance at my office so hassle free. it is like shopping with DISCOUNT. So as I saw these promos, I am not hesitant to buy. why? because of these reasons:
  • my sister says that the products are good. (Actually we had a little discussion about Korean products wherein we compare the etude house and hayan. She told me that etude house products are really good but too pricey for us. then Hayan, same made in Korea but affordable. She says that we should try it because of the good feedback)
  • affordable (if the promo is not available, I can still continue using the product because it is affordable)
But let me tell you something, I am not really into cosmetics kasi ligo-bilis-alis na ang peg ko kapag umaalis ako. but now? not anymore (i think) because I have reputation to uphold (chos! hahahahaha) anyways back to the product review.

BB CREAM, to be honest this is my first time to use BB cream so I cannot compare the result of this product to other products. The product is really good, it does blends on your skin when applying so you don't have to worry about uneven skin tone when using this. good for oil control and it can be use as makeup base or with foundation. in addition, this BB cream is waterproof and healthy because of  whitening function and anti-wrinkles which keeps the skin smooth and beautiful :)

Though, It doesn't cover the pimples or eye dark circle so if you want to have an outcome that covers pimples use it with foundation (I think? I am not an expert on make up. sorry) also, if your face is peeling, don't use it or it will clog on your skin. (yeah base on experience since, my nose is peeling so I have to apply moisturizer after I applied the BB cream to removed the cream that clogged on my nose.) but other than that this product is superb :)

Hayan Face Silky Powder. after applying the BB cream, I applied face silky powder to lessen the shininess of my face due to the BB cream. I should say it's okay, actually it is more than okay. BB cream and this face silky powder really compliments each other. Also, I used this powder even without the BB cream and the result is better than using any other powder.


Here's my face after I applied the BB cream and the silky face powder. with blush-on, eyeliner and eye shadow.
Will surely purchase this product even without discounts or promo :) It is worth the money.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Printed and Loud

This my first ever outfit post. I hope you like it guys.
I don't know why but I am really into dresses lately. So here's my first ever post for you guys wearing a printed orange dress.
  20130824_16015420130824_155754 20130824_160025 
 Finally a fine weather to dress up. Here is my first attempt on showing you what I've got :) a printed orange dress. I like this dress because it reminds me of the sunset. Whenever we go out of town and unwind on the beach, we never missed the sunset. Sunset is for romantic one like me, so don't judge me okay :)
 To add a little spice on my printed dress. I matched it with the wired letter bracelet, the other half of couples watch and baller. A little sporty yet girly look for me. What I'm wearing:
  • doll shoes from solemate - 299.75 pesos only
  • beaded wired word bracelet from Hautegirlcouture - 160 pesos only
  • dress from 168 mall (don't remember the stall) - 350 pesos
So how's my look?

Friday, August 23, 2013

When you see hair It’s time to LAY BARE

So, this is my first review. I convinced myself that I shouldn’t do a review on any products or shops because I don’t want them (readers) to criticized me or anything. Plus I just really don’t want to. but as I changed my mind (because I am a girl, and a girl has a right to change her mind for million times) here’s my first review.  Hope it will help you somehow.


My first waxing salon is Lay Bare and I must say I am a loyal client/customer since 2010. I’ve never visit any other waxing salon other than this one. why? because of these reasons:
  • Lay Bare is the cheapest waxing salon. (170 for underarm waxing and 110 for eyebrow threading) but they don’t lack on making their customers comfortable and well-served.
  • They have 15 % off and free eyebrow threading on your birthday month.
  • Their crews are friendly and accommodating.
They have 40 branches now and I’ve visited 3 of them. Market Market! branch, SM Manila branch and SM San Lazaro branch. the nearest branch from home is SM San Lazaro though I only visited there only twice because I don’t want the services I’ve got. Their service is a little bit hasty. At first I thought it was only the crew that was hasty and gave an unsatisfied experienced so I tried for the second time. and still the service was not good. So ever since even if it’s far and need to ride two PUJ to visit the SM Manila branch I go there instead.
SM manila branch, if I rated this branch being 10 is the highest score, they will score probably 8. Super accommodating and the service is above satisfaction. why 8? because there’s always a room for improvement. right?
Lastly, The Market Market! branch. it was my first time today to visit this branch since it is the nearest from my office. The branch is a little bit small than the other branches I visited. though, they gave an outstanding service. there’s nothing hair left on my underarm today which is a two thumbs up for me, plus the crews are accommodating and friendly. the crew that was assigned to me is magaan ang kamay! as in super everytime kasi na magpapaeyebrow threading ako laging may luha, sa kanya kasi wala. so 4 thumbs up :) I recommend ate Mith to do the waxing for you.
So there you go. all in all, I recommend Lay Bare! So when you see hair, it’s time to LAY BARE. :)
Contact number and branches : 0917-LAY-BARE
  • Filmore – 8337915,
  • Ybardolaza – 4160998,
  • Aguirre – 4667865,
  • Buendia – 8402571,
  • Abad Santos – 726-6479,
  • Congressional – 9205794,
  • Katipunan – 4736864,
  • Banawe – 7404031,
  • Fairview – 4183606,
  • Don Antonio -4289477,
  • Libis – 7091915,
  • las Pinas – 9947191,
  • Bicutan – 7765945,
  • Bacolod – 7090695,
  • Plaridel – 6701453,
  • Pearl Drive – 3773615,
  • Banilad – 2360548,
  • Market! Market! – 5560743,
  • La Salle – 3535304,
  • LPL Greenbelt – 8561521,
  • Katipunan 2 – 2274549,
  • SM Megamall – 4708872,
  • SM Manila – 3537520,
  • ATC – 5448079,
  • SM City Cebu – 5057805,
  • MOA – 475-6272,
  • SM Marikina – 5709350,
  • SM The Block – 355-7006,
  • Robinsons Galleria – 584-8400,
  • Glorietta – 553-3547,
  • Rockwell Ortigas,
  • Robinsons Manila,
  • Greenhills,
  • Festival Mall.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Price of giving birth

I became pregnant at the age of 19 and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at the age of 20. So for those who are pregnant at the very young age and don’t know how to manage. maybe I can help you on those stages.
Like most of you who are pregnant or became pregnant at the very young age, I was also afraid on telling my parents about my situation. Actually, it took me 6 months to let them know since they noticed my baby bump. Yeah! they noticed it not the other way around. I was toooooo afraid. And my fear of getting scolded block my instinct that I should tell my parents about it. And I badly need a mother that time.
Okay, I want to help you by giving a list of hospitals and their prices.
First Perpectual Succor Hospital. Located in EspaƱa.
Check up : 200 pesos*
Admitting : 15,000 air-conditioned room  *

Second. St. Lukes Hospital. Quezon City
Check up: 200 pesos*
Admitting: 15,000 normal pesos non air-conditioned room *

Third. Metro Doctors Poly Clinic and Lying In, located in 251 LAKANDULA ST, BGY 34, ZONE 003 TONDO, MANILA
Check up : 150 pesos*
Admitting: 6000+ air-conditioned room*
lastly, Makati Medical Center
Green Card Application – 25 pesos*
Check up: Free
Admitting: Normal delivery package – minimum of 20,000 air-conditioned room *
CS delivery package – minimum of 35,000 air-conditioned room *
as long as you avail their Green Card, which is available for non-Makati residents, You can have a free check up and Normal and CS package, discount on Laboratory fees inside the hospital. Plus your newborn baby will have a free check up, vaccine (if available) and medicine. Though Green Card is subject for approval.
Now, you can worry no more on finding the best and cheapest way to give birth. Makati Medical Center is where I gave birth, and all I can say is that, they really have a good service.
*As of 2011. Prices can change without public notice.